Over the years, I have been hugely lucky to have written many projects that have found audiences, readers and fans. It’s super-cringey to write/type praise of yourself/your work, but readers / audiences who most likely have never heard of you, often rely on others’ opinions before spending their hard earned cash. So, here’s a selection from the publication of The Killing of Bobbi Lomax:

Hypnotically creepy … Written by a former private detective, this is a spooky crime debut with Stephen King-style twists. (Daily Mail)

Explosive … a pacy, cerebral thriller. (Stylist)

‘[A] total wow of a first novel. Moriarty can do breakneck speed without skimping on the development of her characters. Superb.’ (Kate Saunders The Times)

‘crime fiction aficionados are in luck right now – barely a month seems to pass without a first-time novelist arriving fully formed, with all the authority of older hands. The latest is Cal Moriarty, who centres her debut on an unassuming book-lover who may also be an ingenious murderer. Clark Houseman comes to the attention of Moriarty’s tenacious detectives Sinclair and Alvarez when bombs go off in the US city of Abraham, killing the eponymous Bobbi Lomax and a man named Peter Gudsen. The survivor is Houseman, who turns out to be a skilled forger of literary signatures and, like Lomax and Gudsen, to have belonged to a sinister sect, The Faith. Moriarty’s novel is a blistering examination of both the criminal mind and the dark secrets that lie within America’s Bible Belt.‘ (Barry Forshaw Financial Times)